I have been using CEREC since 2000 and have seen significant growth over the last 16 years, but the growth over the last 2 to 3 years since the launch of Omnicam has been the biggest jump.  I think that now that the learning curve for imaging has become so minimal with Omnicam, people are jumping in and excelling out of the gate. 

Practice Impact

CEREC has allowed me to profitably create accurate and esthetic restorations in my office.  This has become even more the case now that I can restore implants and create bridges in office with IPS-emax and zirconia.  I love having the control of the process and not dealing with a second seating appointments.  The second big impact that CEREC has on my practice is from the patient perspective.  they love the technology and the 1-visit aspect of the procedure.  As dentists, we view the second patient visit simply as a 15-30 minute appointment, but that is just the time we see them.  Many patients have to arrange it with work or a sitter, and with travel time to and from the office, this 15-minute appointment can take up to a few hours for them.  The third impact that CEREC has had on my practice is that it makes doing dentistry fun for me and has made me a better dentist.  It's hard to put a value on enjoying what you do, but I love doing CEREC procedures.